Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Gotta Guy

It doesn't matter where you are, could be at work or at a pub, maybe with a group of friends....You tell them that you need something , like new tires for your car, or tiles for your bathroom, and there is always someone who says "Oh, I gotta guy".

Well, here on Gabriola it turns out that I too, "gotta a guy".
His name is Henry and he lives around the corner and down the road. He has a small engine repair business and became my go to guy when my lawn tractor packed it in last year. We hit a rather large rock with it and knocked the axle, drive shaft thingy out of whack.  I thought I was a goner.  I almost cried.  I can't manage this place without it .

Henry had a sign on the road advertising his business and we brought the tractor to him to look at....
He wasn't sure that it would be able to be fixed but offered to do his best.  We left it with him .

A month and only 300.00 dollars later , we got the old girl back , tuned up , oiled and lubed , new blades.
She is running like a dream .

I then brought him my chainsaw , which had seized up completely , and I left a message for him yesterday to see if it was able to be fixed.  It was a small chainsaw....a Barbie chainsaw.....I liked it.

He calls me back.

Ring , ring,
"Greetings from Gabriola" my standard answer here on the island.
"Oh brother, that's just pathetic" he says jokingly.
He continues, " It's a good thing you called today because tomorrow, I'm taking off to the Peace to do some moose hunting with my brother-in-law".
"Oh, lucky you" I say, "Have a great trip.
"Ya I have to get away from you people" he chuckles, meaning , part- time summer residents and tourists.
"I'm gonna try bring back a live one and set it loose on the island" he says.
"I would love to wake up and see a moose in the yard!" I laugh, "By the way, any luck with the chainsaw"?
"Nope, seized up, can't be fixed, you'll have to get a new one".
"Have a safe trip Henry, thanks".

What's a girl with out a chainsaw?.....

This morning I got up and started raking up all the grass I cut yesterday.

Rows and rows, piles and piles, until I felt a muscle behind my right shoulder blade go, twink.
So I finished what I could and decided to finish mowing the back 40 with the tractor as this will probably be my last chance before the fire department decides it is  too dry to use gas operated power tools.
It happens every year.
Got it done.....put the tractor away.
Glass of wine on the porch.....dirty feet.....happy heart.

Tomorrow, the Boyfriend is leaving work early and boarding a sea plane from Vancouver to Nanaimo.
I will be waiting on the dock like Ingrid Bergman waiting for Humphrey Bogart.
We are going to Tofino where we will be picked up, at the pier, by friends in a Zodiac and then whisked away to spend the weekend at the light house that they keep.
I know.
Crazy fun!.
Can't wait.

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