Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where Did I Put My Glasses?

To Do List for Wednesday:
- go to bed
- sleep
- get up
- make tea
- read e-mail
- drink a smoothie with strawberries, mango and yogurt
- exorcise......
- write blog
- go to work

Well I accomplished the first 6 items on the list.  It seems that when there is any shortage of time in the day the exercise is the first thing to get exorcised.  Oh well, running, swimming, jogging, blogging.....whatever....
I am sitting happily on the patio, slurping a strawberry/mango wowser and working up quite a sweat, I'll have you know!

I entered my kitchen this morning, after work, and was startled by my new appliances.  They arrived just before I left for Gabriola, and I am still not used to them yet.
"Who are you two gorgeous appliances?"  I mutter, "Am I in the right house?"
The stove is so beautiful, ( compared to the old Admiral ) that if I could put wheels on it , I would put on some great shades and drive it down the street. Waving at people as I go by, like in a parade.

While we were at Lennard Island, I stupidly, misplaced my favorite reading glasses.  They were my late husband's Ray Bans , I had lenses put in them for me, and liked having that little, personal part of him with me throughout my day.  I didn't  keep much of his stuff so I am a bit panicked by this. My friends on the island are aware and keeping they're eyes open for them.  I'm sure they will turn up.  I think I put them somewhere in the guest house, maybe they are between the couch cushions.....
I have to stop sending them an e-mail every time I have a hunch of where to look....(Lucinda, check the couch) ...I know I am becoming pathetically annoying.

So , in order to write today's blog I must make do with the shabby, drugstore, readers I have laying about.

These are the red ones that are missing one of the nose pieces and make me look like a Sally Jessie Raphael wannabe.  Uggg.

These ones are cool because they fit in a case that is no larger than a fat pen.  They unfortunately have a tendency to slide down my nose if I move too much which makes me resort to moving my entire head from side to side, like a lizard, if I want to read.

Which way to Woodstock?

Get over it....move on.

On a lighter note, while on the forest walk at Lennard Island, I gathered a bunch of beautiful sage-green lichen.

Here it is posing between some beach pebbles that Tony and Lucinda gave me a while back , the shells we gathered last weekend.  Why I brought it home, I have no idea.....just liked it.  Maybe I knew subconsciously that I would find a yarn store in Tofino and purchase this.....

....glorious hand-spun.  Wool, mohair and silk with beachy glass beads all through it......

Now if I could only read the label....

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