Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ten Thousand Steps

About three weeks ago I signed up for a fitness challenge we are having at work.  The 10,000 step a day Challenge.  I received a pedometer and a little log book to keep track of my steps and distance over a period of six weeks.

How hard could it be?  I asked myself.  I thought this may be a good fitness "fit" for me as the shift-work makes it difficult to have any kind of regular routine, and a person can go walking any old time, right?

This first two or three days were somewhat disappointing, I averaged about 5000 steps a day.  On one of my shifts I decided that, every break I took, would be spent doing laps around the abandoned 2nd floor.  There is no one down there at night and the big hallways are divided by smaller hallways making it easy to zig-zag your way around and put on some miles.

The first couple of laps were kind of fun and I was surprised at how long I could walk before seeing the same office twice.  Yeah me!

By the third lap, I was starting to feel a bit silly.  Have you ever been in a Pet Shop and seen one of those Hamster Habitats?  They have endless feet of transparent tubing that allows the hammies to do a lot of walking and actually think they are getting somewhere.  At first it seems very cute...their chubby little bodies waddling to and fro......but after you watch for a while it becomes apparent that this has got to make them just a bit neurotic....

The third lap made me feel just like one of those chubby little neurotic hamsters...

The quietness of the dark offices became a little, well.....spooky.  Post nuclear holocaust, office building, kinda creepy.....All  I can hear is the squeaky steps of my running shoes on the freshly waxed floors.....and then, I start thinking, I can hear footsteps behind me....and begin to wonder if I am going mad!

By the time I was on the sixth lap, I was expecting to see, around every corner, those horrifying little twin girls from the movie "The Shining" you know, the ones with the pretty dresses and the bows in their hair.

After 8883 steps I retreated to the safety of the elevator and the sanctuary of our lunch room.


Time to find better ways to accumulate steps.

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