Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eleanor Rigby

I can do some things quite well , like knitting and spinning ... making soup.

There are other things I need to work on , like baking bread , house cleaning and not going to the grocery store in my pajama pants and slippers after a night shift.

The one thing I find completely impossible to master though , is drinking out of a travel mug.

I've had several of them over the years, with varying styles of lids. Some with dribble-guards and do-dads that are supposed to make them spill proof, but whenever I would go to take sip of the tea , (which I do constantly throughout the day and night), I would always forget to check where the hole was and end up with a big sploosh across the side of my face and on my shirt...which was often white.  This common event would usually happen during the commute to work or shortly after arriving.

It got to the point where nobody seemed to notice anymore, hardly a word was spoken.

Then one day I found a very nice stainless steel mug with a top on it which allows a drooler like myself to slurp from 360 degrees!  This was the answer to my dilema.....until I realized that for some reason I can never get the lid screwed on exactly straight....but now, at least it just goes directly to my shirt and not on my face.
I will concider this an improvement.

I started wearing black shirts to work.  Still,hardly a word is spoken, now they just think I'm depressed.

              I googled this picture and was thrilled to know someone else has the same problem.

Today I got up at 1pm , made tea , looked at my to-do list : wash whites.
I rested.
I decided that I would finish spinning the dark brown alpaca I have been working on, WHILE doing laundry.
That's multi-tasking by my standards kids! 

Then, realizing that the white tee I was wearing had a big gloosh on it, I took it off and threw it in the laundry as well.  What could be better than spinning in your bra on a quiet winter's afternoon?  It only started to get a bit weird for me when I got hungry and remembered the smoked mackerel that I had in the fridge.  So now, it's Wednesday afternoon at 2pm, I am in my bra, behind a spinning wheel, and on the table, on a plate, is a fish with a face.

Now I know the secret behind  how the beatles came up with some of those lyrics.

Eleanor Rigby came to mind.....

It went something like this:

Look at the spinster
Eating a fish in her bra while she spins on her wheel
How does she feel?

It is a mackerel
Is that the tail that I see coming out as she grins?
Where are the fins?

All the hungry Spinsters.........

blah blah blah blah blah blah.....

Well , you get the idea.

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