Saturday, July 28, 2012

Working Around the Work

To Do List:

1. Get up
2. Make Tea
3. Write To-Do list
4. Pick up branches at the front of property
5. Mow the grassy parts at front of property
6. Rest
7. Remove deer carcass from the back of the house
8. Pick up more branches in the long grass behind the grassy knoll
9. More mowing
10. Suck up gross spider stuff in the studio with the shop-vac

The Boyfriend went home this morning to work on his own list.  So I have a couple of days to myself.
I enjoy quietly putzing around and planned to get a lot done....miss him when he's not around though...

We have a term we use when there is some chore that needs to get done but is just a drag to do.  You know how it is,  you find yourself sorting out your closet instead of painting that ceiling.  Perhaps there is a need to organize the knitting patterns before those toilets get scrubbed or maybe the fine washables need to be done before cleaning the stinking grunge from behind the stove.....
We call it 'working around the work".

So....I started with numbers 1, 2 and 3 on my list....planning to put as many chores as possible between number 3 and......7.

Ya, 7!  Tried to throw it in with all the other stuff to give myself the false sense that number 7 is just another chore that needs to get done...and maybe it is.....or not....

Yesterday,  I was clearing a bunch of grass and ferns and brambles away from the back of the house in preparation of eventually getting a new deck.

Between this huge fern and the wall I came across a bunch of fur.  Dead Cat?  Dog? What the hell is that?

My heart sank when I saw the soft ears and hooves.  One of my deer twins must have been hit by a car and wedged itself  into this tight, secure little space to die.


I just walked away. " Tomorrow", I thought.

So before Starting number 4 on this list, I stood over the dead fawn and started thinking about how I was going to pick it up (would it fall apart?) and how I was going to move it and where I was going to put it? 

Between numbers 4 and 5 on the list I went back again for a look having decided that the flat shovel and the wheel barrow would be the tools of choice.

Between numbers 5 and 6 on the list I scouted out locations, deciding finally that a little dip, under a tree, way at the back of the property would be best.  There was already a dead sheep from the previous owners there and it was a quiet place and I knew Mama deer wouldn't stumble upon it there.  "One should be thoughtful about these things"  I thought.

While performing number 6, I had a stiff drink and a good cry.
"Shut up and be a Man!"  I said to myself.. "Or a woman!"  "Now grow some balls and get this thing done!" My inner Drill Sergeant coming out now, "Your'e the one that wants to be the nature loving farm stop being a princess, put on the gloves and Get r Done"!!!!


I kind of left myself, the dead baby and I making the slow funeral march through the freshly mowed back yard,  across the little wooden bridge, out to the back, and the stand of trees on the edge of the land.
I didn't cry.
I put it in the little dip and covered it with grass dry grass clippings.
I walked away.

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