Monday, July 25, 2011

If the Sock Fits.....

I had a good first night back at work.
I am very blessed to have such a good job.
Do I love it?  Probably not,  but there is a lot to be said for job security,  a decent pay check, and a whole bunch of flexibility.

Sometimes, in the wee hours, I am even able to get a little bit of knitting done.
I prefer smaller projects, like socks, because if anyone happened to come into the room unannounced , I could stick it in my mouth and swallow it.......

I did not have any knitting with me last night because I am in the midst of a Sock Crisis.  I chose to read about baking bread instead,  in preparation of the new appliances that will arrive on Thursday.

To-Do for Today:
- get up
- make tea
- make myself look at the socks, that I have almost finished, but have to take apart and start over....from the very, very beginning.
- get ready for work, pack lunch.
- go to work and see what happens.

This is my sock knitting bag.  I take it to work to conceal my evil habit in the work place.
 It is very pretty, something Zsa Zsa Gabor would carry her sock knitting project around in.

Here is the crisis.....

I bought this yarn in Cannon Beach, Oregon.
It is beautiful hand-dyed wool.
The Boyfriend was very good about being dragged around into yarn shops, as I recall.  A tell-tale sign of a good man.
Then.....something, I am sure every knitter has done at one point......I started knitting without planning and measuring properly.
I remember the words in my head.....
This is working up beautifully!
This pattern is perfect for this yarn.
Maybe it's a little tight around the ankle.......hmmm.....should I start over with slightly larger needles? will'll be fun to knit!

Around this point I try sock #1 on....a little tight...not much stretch....kinda......uncomfortable.
Maybe if I start the second sock.....that will make it all better.....
The knitting Gods will surely inter-vein when I get the heels done.....
I must know someone with very skinny feet...

So tonight I go back to work with my Zsa Zsa bag and hopefully take out two....not one....two, almost completed socks.  Have to.  Can't start anything new with this sock stupidity hanging over my head.
 People laughing at me as I walk down the hall....they know my secret....

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