Monday, July 11, 2011

The Old Admiral

Today is my 6th day off.
I got up at 7:30!

We had a wonderful weekend starting Friday morning with a beautiful drive up the Hope/ Princeton highway to Penticton.  We listened to the Eagles, Stones, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac and a smattering of Supertramp which lasted all the way there.  The scenery, as always, was spectacular.

We were treated to dinner, for my birthday at a very nice Greek restaurant completed by a birthday cake!
This was followed by a fun visit at Rusty and Edith's house where we all snickered at the non-stop banter between Rusty and the boyfriend. They are so much alike it is comical.  At one point the boyfriend confesses that at times during his boyhood he thought he may have been adopted.  Edith and I burst out laughing, because the mannerisms and the vocal volume are so similar there is absolutely no question that he is his father's son.  No DNA test required.

The conversations continued over the weekend , everything from how to gut a moose to the best time to catch lake trout.  How to eliminate spam to swollen ankles.  Rusty checked all of our blood sugar with his meter.....we were all good.

The Boyfriend bought me a beautiful pair of Birthday shoes.

As always Rusty cooked brunch for us on Sunday before we left, waffles and bacon and sausages.  Then the long drive home, more Eagles some Van Morrison and the entire Abbey Road album front to back.

Last Week on my Birthday I did something really, really , nice for myself.
I went to Sears.
I found a sales person named Paulette.
We wheeled and dealed.
I bought new appliances.

This means that I can finally say good-bye to the Old Admiral, my 20 year old stove that is missing an element  and requires one of my deceased husband's canes to keep the oven door closed.

Yes, it has been like this for a long time.
Yes, it is embarrassing to have friends over and have them see me hip-check the door and prop the cane under the handle to keep it closed.
Yes, I know this has added a small fortune to my hydro bills over the years.
No I did not take the calls from Martha .....I will call her back after I bake my first loaf of bread.  She's impossible and wouldn't understand.

The fridge is going as well.
It is noisy and is unable to make ice cubes.  It can only make one giant ice cube at a time.
I'm a big girl.
I deserve big girl appliances.


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  1. Ahhh we have very similar tastes in music.
    I would have expected nothing less :)
    I am thinking I may need to come and visit you one day on the island.