Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One More Sleep

I have one more night of work followed by one more sleep and then I am on vacation for 19, count 'em, 19 days!

I can't wait.  Sooooo many things to do.  I planned this wonderful time off to begin on my birthday.  I have a couple days to straighten up some loose ends and then the fun begins with a road trip to the Okanagan.  The boyfriend and I will be visiting with Rusty and Edith for a couple of days.

This is a kind of experiment as well.  It is so seldom that anyone gets a stretch of time off like this that I am curious what can be accomplished when there is no break in the momentum.

I am going to try to get myself back onto a daytime schedule.  I want to see if it possible to become a "morning person."

I am going to eat at normal times and sleep when it is dark out......really.

I am going to get way more exercise and and hopefully be out of my fat girl jeans in a week or so.

Wish me luck!  Stay in touch.  This is gonna be fun.

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