Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spinning a Good Yarn

Today I was able to finish off the Latvian socks.
They took forever to knit.
They are the color of Granny Smith apples.

Then I put them on and had a cuppa tea while wiggling my toes happily.

Yes that is the to-do list in the background.

Sock Monkey on a New York City Subway last December.
He travels with us everywhere.

This is the antique spinning wheel that the Lighthouse Keeper's Wife GAVE to me.

I had some new spools made for it.  A very kind Scottish gent from the Dogwood Pavilion wood shop made them for me.  He did a beautiful job.  Thanks Mike.

I'm gonna spend the rest of the day spinning some alpaca.
That's the alpaca on the right.

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