Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Day Job

My day job is actually a night job and I find it nearly impossible to get anything accomplish anything on these days.  The to-do list would look something like this:

- Get home at 6:30 am

- Watch news for 30 minutes while slurping a cup of hot milk

- Sleep, hopefully without interruption , hopefully until about 2pm

- Get up, make tea, stare out the window and feel like some one who has recently had a lobotomy

- Think about things I should do.... but don't do them

- 4 pm start getting ready for work, shower , pack a lunch, call my mom.

- 5 pm leave for work at 6 pm

So I have decided that I will not write much on these days, because I would just basically be cutting and
and pasting exactly what is written above.  If I do, it will be because there is something interesting to write about that hopefully, has absolutely nothing to do with the day job.
There.  I have set some ground rules for my blog and actually accomplished one, small thing.

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