Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rusty Wisdom

"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they are lost." 
 Dalai Lama XIV

I have always loved the to-do list.  Even when I was a little kid sitting at my desk with a drawer full of stationary stuff, (colored pencils, pink pearl erasers, colored paper clips)  I would write out "things to do" in a little spiral note pad that looked like an orange.

There are a few versions of the list that exist simultaneously.

There is always the daily list which is usually written out the night before on a note pad that I keep on the coffee table.

There is usually some sort of list for the upcoming week or a block of time that may occur over vacation.  This one usually orbits around the house with me and morphs continuously.

There is the yearly list which is usually written during the last week of the year.

The Big Daddy list which spans up to 5 years or more and includes items like places we'd like to travel to. New things to learn like resuming those piano lessons that I quit taking around age 13.
Things I would like to achieve like move to the island and get that dang pottery business up and running. Finish the children's book I started in 2003. Eeeeek! it goes on and on.

Recently, someone very close to me exploded.
They also had a list, which criticized, pretty much, everything that I am because I do not look at life the same way they do. I won't get into the ugly details but I will say it has left me feeling very sad, and a bit pissed off.  It has also left me feeling unwell and the last few days I have struggled with how to deal with it.  I will probably do nothing more than set better boundaries for myself with this person. I have also been struggling to reclaim my zen zone.  Not always easy. Which brings me to something the boyfriend's dad, Rusty said to his kids when something crappy happened. We say it to ourselves any time something upsets us.

          Rusty is a funked out, beatnik version of Colonel Sanders with a big smile and a bigger voice.

                                           "Just relax and let the ole world take a couple of turns."

                                                               Love it.  Thanks Rusty.


  1. That IS the best advice.
    May not always solve your problems, but perhaps all we ever need is a little bit o time to figure it out ourselves. Rusty rocks.

  2. Yes indeed! Always best to approach a problem from a place of calm.