Thursday, June 9, 2011


I slept like the dead last night and was wakened by the neighbour's rooster at exactly 4:27 a.m.  He is a busy boy.  I don't understand why they have to get up so early.  What does a rooster really have to do that requires that kind of schedule?  Maybe one day I will have a rooster of my own and then I will understand.  Until then I have no judgement.
I am going home tomorrow, to spend a couple of days with the boy friend and get back to the day job on Sunday night.

To Do List:

- Get up, drink tea, don't watch morning news because I don't want to hear about Looooo
- Put away tractor and lock it up
- Finish planting the flowers in the window box
- Finish raking up the grass and hide it behind trees
- Rest
- Put tools away
- Relax and watch mindless  t.v. until bedtime

Price of removing a grove of Giant Hogweed with a machete?
Paralysis of right arm.

Price of mowing , raking and schlepping a couple acres of grass?
An aching back, sore legs, and entire body pain ( except for my right arm which is paralyzed )

Price of planting the window box and a  making the place look loved?

$ 23.17

The price of finally hanging the deer skull above the door of the tractor shed?

$ 0.00

The value of  four days of good honest work?



  1. That hogweed sure is beautiful too bad it is so lethal. The planter is sweet and much improved also!

  2. Thanks Cath,
    It was so much fun to do. Now we just hope that the deer don't eat them all.