Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is War

I am blessed. Truly.
I am at my home away from home, 5+acres with a cozy house on Gabriola Island.  I arrived Sunday evening and now that the sun has finally emerged after  many drab and dreary months....well, there is work to do.

I have always been a big fan of the To-Do list. Somehow just writing things out makes me feel like I'm actually on top of things, organized... but things get busy and overwhelming sometimes and there were days when my beloved list became a big, bald, drill sergeant screaming orders at me and making me feel inadequate and wimpy.  Not being one that takes orders well, I gradually tweaked the list to make it more fun and to give myself a fighting chance.  I didn't think much of it until the boyfriend started reading my lists, which were left...everywhere,  they seemed always to bring a smile, and that look that he gives me which says, "That's okay Carm, we'll try to keep you in the community as long as we can".

Today's List :

- Get Up
- Drink a hot cuppa tea while watching morning news
- Clean out and fill bird bath, fill up bird feeders, welcome birds
- Clean out and fill humming bird feeders, welcome hummers for summer
- Dress myself with the island version of the haz-mat suit; hat, sunglasses, boyfriend's denim shirt all buttoned  
   up, jeans, gumboots, gloves.
- Arm myself with weapons of mass destruction; machete, tractor mower with cart and a beer
- Wage War on the Giant Hog Weed that is growing behind the studio and slowly implanting itself in an ever
   growing area by spreading it's demon seed!

It grows up to 8 feet tall and has seeds that can last un-sprouted forever! If you get it's sap on your skin and then go out in the sun it can cause severe blistering burns and cause blindness!!
It is not native to North America.
If there is a nuclear holocaust, there will be cockroaches, Justin Beeber and....yes the Giant Hog Weed.
It is the ENEMY!!!

Weapons of  Mass Destruction.

Victory...for now..



  1. Hi Carmen, So nice to see you've entered blog land! You're a great writer! I new you had many creative outlets but I didn't know writing was one of them.

    Did you get any pics of the evil weed?

  2. The evil weed is the stuff you see behind the tractor. It is actually quite pretty, like spiky rhubarb. Thanks for visiting my first blog post. This is too fun!

  3. We have to burn close encounters with wildlife into our memories, because capturing them with a camera never does them justice.

    Could there be a karmic connection between giant hog weed and the partial paralysis caused by attempting to eradicate it? Maybe it's the therapeutic effect of wielding a machete for four hours ("Take that! and that!"). Or because the pain reminds us of a good job, well done ...

  4. Thanks Loo Bell, yes I agree with you on the encounters, those new fawns are so special. I love seeing them wandering around and I don't even care if they eat my plants. The arm is better too. It was probably Karma.