Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ruffled Feathers

This morning I looked out the back door towards the pond.  There, sitting on this old, wooden, water wheel was an owl. There are a pair of them that live here year round but sightings are rare and usually at dusk.  This one is about the size of a loaf of bread, ( an artisan loaf, not the store-bought kind )  it's feathers looked like tree bark.  As I was clumsily getting my camera out, it looked straight at me with these huge, black, alien eyes, ( the small green aliens,  not the grey ones )  as if I was the most annoying thing it had ever laid eyes on. It was though it was saying  "Avert thine eyes from me, farm woman!"  Then, clearly not amused, silent, flap, flap, into the trees... gone.  I took a bad picture but you can see it on the blue thing.  After that I had to shake off feeling awkward and frumpy.  I had been humiliated by a bird.

To Do List:

- Get up
- Drink a hot cup of wonderful tea and watch some morning news
- Mow,rake, mow, rake, rake.
- Revel in the knowledge that the Giant Hog Weed is shriveling up in the sun like the Wicked Witch of the      
- Rest.
- Think about cleaning up the planters and window boxes.
- Go to garden center and pick up some flowers, ( a.k.a. deer candy ) for the item above.
- Later, hockey....Go Canucks!

This is dreadful , dead ,dry and full of spiders and creepy things...can't deal with it today...

This one screams neglect....


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