Saturday, June 11, 2011

Odds n Sods

It is Saturday and we slept in. Ahhh
The morning conversation went something like this:

Him: Good Morning Poo
Me:  Good Morning, I missed you.
Him: Okay, let's think, if you could go anywhere on a trip for two weeks, where would you want to go?
Him: Don't say anything until we both have our decisions made.
Me: Okay.
Him: My trip is a loop.
Me: Sshhh, I'm not done thinking yet.
Me: Okay, I'm ready.
Him: You first.
Me:  I`m thinking that I would really like to do the heritage trip we talked about.  We could start in
        Amsterdam, then go to Scotland, then Norway, then to Germany.
Him: Yessss! I was thinking the same thing, but I would start in, like, London and then do Scotland,  Norway,
       Germany, Holland and then maybe hit Paris on the way back and fly home again from London.
Me: Sounds great.....and expensive......guess we better get some more dough in the travel account.

To Do List:
- Go out for Breaky
- Gas up ``the Pig``
- Hit the garden center to buy herbs for the terracotta pots by the front door.
- Glue the eyeball back on to the weird ``welcome`` sighny , thingy that hangs outside the door. The eyeball
   has been on the kitchen window ledge for a long time.  Sometimes I just get stuck.  I have no idea what that
   welcome creature is, but its cute and I like it.
- Loads and loads of laundry
- Take spun yarn off of spool
- Blog
- Rest.

The creature got his eyeball back.

I did get gas but did not get to the garden center because the traffic freaked me out ( still on island time )
I did get the planters ready for planting and full of fresh dirt.

The yarn is off the spool.
Laundry done.
Back to work tomorrow....


  1. The loop doesn't have to be done all at once. Think of a mobius loop, with Vancouver in the centre, or like one of your skeins of yarn: out, around and back; out, around and back ...

  2. I like that, Loo Bell, it makes it seem much more possible.

  3. Yes! Go to Europe! Such fun :)

  4. I read your blog while you were in Europe Jessie. It looked like you were having such a wonderful time. I have yet to go....but it's in the works.